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New Box

24th January 2021

New Box Alert

We are always thinking of new Brownie and Blondie boxes and decided it was time for a Pick Your Own Box.

After creating a poll on our Instagram and Facebook pages we soon realised that this was going to be a great addition. 

You can choose 6 different flavours from our delicious selection of Brownies and Blondies. It’s the perfect way to tailor your postal box, whether it’s a gift or just got you.

Wow! The response we have had has been amazing, it’s now the 2nd most popular option following the Mini Mixed Box which is in poll position. 

Just a Note to Say


21st January 2021

During the Christmas break we had an idea to add postcards to our Brownie and Blondie boxes. We already have the option to add a special message, but wanted to add a more personal touch to all of our Brownie and Blondie boxes.

We worked hard behind the scenes thinking about printers, printing companies, card stock and all the other logistics that come with offering another service. After plenty of research, as that is my favourite thing to do, we found the answer!

We contacted Becky from The Dainty Beau who designs wonderful prints and cards and asked her to commission seven designs we could use with our postal Brownie and Blondie boxes.

The whole process with Becky was amazing, it was easy communicating with her about what we wanted, and I let her lead the way with the designs and trusted her judgement. From start to finish the whole process took just over a week and the images were in our inbox.

We are thrilled with the postcard designs and cannot thank Becky from The Dainty Beau enough; we love to help small or new businesses as much as possible and I will be using Becky again.

Please check out her Instagram using the links above and support this up-and-coming business.

I think you will agree they will make a fabulous addition to our Brownie and Blondie postal boxes.

We print the postcards to order and add your special message on the reverse.

The postcards can be added to any of our Brownie and Blondie postal boxes at a cost of £1 and we have the following options.

Just a Note to Say

Happy Birthday



Baby Girl

Baby Boy

Mother’s Day

We will be adding more in the future to cover Easter, Father’s Day, and Christmas and I’m excited to share these designs with you.

New Labels


14th January 2021

We are always looking to improve our presentation and we couldn’t be happier with these fantastic clear labels from Pop Stickers - Vinyl Digital Printing, Labels & Stickers

Based in Suffolk, very much keeping it local, the next village in fact!

There is one for each brownie and blondie flavour which we use on our pick your own box. This helps us package and place the brownies and blondies in a way that when you open the box it shows you just what each delicious slice is,

There are labels for all our mixed boxes of brownies and blondies too

Each label will be applied to our boxes, so you know what delicious brownie and blondie flavours are in each box.

We think they are a great addition to our packaging and presentation of our postal boxes

Pink Happy Birthday Slab

New Products

7th January 2021

We have added a large Happy Birthday slab to our collection and I’m sure you will agree they look so tempting. With a choice of 12 delicious Brownie or Blondie flavours and 3 colour themes to choose from they are sent directly to their letterbox.

Every slab is drizzled with melted coloured chocolate, the most amazing sprinkles from Happy Sprinkles and a fondant disc with a Happy Birthday design by Daniella Loves Cupcakes

This is the prefect letterbox gift to send someone who you are unable to celebrate with.

Our packed boxes

A 2020 Reflection

27th December 2020

We hope you have all had a lovely Christmas.

This year has been challenging for many and as a small business we really felt the impact with orders being cancelled and having to rethink how to continue the business that had been created in the summer of 2017.

Over the first lock down with the help of my sister (she is the technology wiz) we were able to start delivering weekly cupcakes and lockdown treat boxes in Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

This was a huge success and we managed to raise just over £200 for 

St Nicholas Hospice Care

Without the support of our customers this year would have been quite different.

We then went into lockdown two and after the success of our weekly delivery service in lockdown one we decided to branch out. Having posted brownies all, the way to a lovely friend in Cornwall during the summer, we were confident our brownies and blondies would survive being sent anywhere in mainland UK.

With that the idea our brownie and blondie postal boxes sent to your letterbox was born! We had a great time trying all our brownie and blondie flavours, maybe too much fun (stretchy trousers needed, I shall say no more!)

With the help of my sisters (the technology wiz and the photography wiz) we were able to get it up and running. Many hours were spent researching postal packaging, labels and tweaking the finer details. At the beginning of December, we were ready to launch our postal brownie and blondie boxes.

And WOW what a success it has been!

We cannot thank all our customers enough.

Our business has taken a different direction this year and it shows that if you believe in something and have the support of your friends and family you really can succeed.

So, thank you all once again!

About Us

Cake Creations was established in 2017 when my youngest child started school, it was born from a love of baking and creating birthday cakes for family and friends.

I started selling Brownies and cakes at the weekly Tuesday market in Newmarket, Suffolk. This enabled me to grow my new business and throughout the summer of 2018 I attended farmers markets and events around Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

Over the past three years many cakes have been made and enjoyed.

During this difficult year we made the decision to branch out into brownie and blondie boxes. This has been an amazing success and now is the time to share our wonderful Bakes across the whole country. 

Commission celebration cakes will still be available to order for delivery within a 15-mile radius of Barrow, Suffolk 

Please email if you wish to discuss celebration cakes.